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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  September 7, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> this is fox5 local news at 11 . right now at 11, irma roars through the carribean leaving a trail of destruction and death. the latest track is just coming in as florida braces for impact developing tonight, the high tech heist that has exposed 143 million americans to identity theft. details on the breach and how to protect yourself. and a twist in a decade's old case of abd
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and murder. the news at 11 starts right now. lots to tell you about tonight, but we start with hurricane irma as the fears category five storm tears through the carribean. tonight it's becoming much more apparent that florida may take a direct hit from the stormment take a look at the damage the storm has done so factor the pounding rain , punishing winds smashed homes, destroyed businesses in bar buddha, puerto rico, saint martin and the virgin islands. tonight at least 13 people are dead and you thousands are home less. meanwhile in flashings the race is onto get out of irma's path. massive evacuations are underway jamming highways with bumper per to bumper traffic and causing gas shortages. first we start our hurricane coverage with sue palka and lauren demarco. i know the new track is in, what is it telling us. >> it is indeed, just release by the national hurricane center, it remains a very bad, worst-ca
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i am sorry to say. this is also new now we have hurricane warnings and stomple surge warnings issued for south florida and the florida key. you'll recall earlier those were watches. a warning means a hurricane is expected, it is likely. this one is a little l different now the winds are at 1656 miles an hour. you'll recall yesterday they were at 185. so that helps a little bit , but that is still capable of catastrophic damage and as it makes its way toward florida winding tz ' ' way through the ill lands very huge damage i'm expecting out of turks and caicos, bahamas just west of there they'll get quite a pomeling from this. and things go down here saturday night. a little bit of a slower approach to the south florida approach but again saturday night, sunday it's travelling across the florida peninsula, sunday a at 8:00 it's just a little bit north of lake oak choab i as a category three storm and then it crawls
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becomes a tropical storm before a weakening depression near bowling green. that continues the trend of a little bit of a westward shift in the track as we're seeing with our orption al models as well. as we look at everything tonight, again it's located about 55 miles east, northeast of greatic nothing wa island. again, this trend continues to be a terrible situation for florida because that will likely give hurricane conditions to the entire peninsula over the course of 24 hours. so hoping for a miracle but we got to prepare for the worst down there. it sure does look like it. meanwhile our team coverage continue was lauren demarco at reagan national airport where flights from florida arrived tonight. lauren, what are those folks say ing. >>reporter: everybody who has arrived here just happy to be here, feeling pretty lucky at this point. we had a little bit of
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of hours there was a man with a gun reportedly shot by police and miami international airport and police say that there's no threat to the public, but of course it is not what anybody needed this evening with all of the people trying to get out and escape approaching hurricane irma. right now there are still pretty hefty delays here from the flights headed in from miami the not arriving until after one in the morning. we're also see ing delays from flights coming in from orlando and fort lauderdale. earlier this evening we spoke with people who were coming off a flight from miami. they told us that there were nearly 80 people on standby just to get on the flight. it was just a long line. there was nothing that people worked at the airport could do. >> a mad house. it's pretty intense as far as the airport, extreme. i was just lucky. gas stations, the few that
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have lines they're blocks long. i'm sure the traffic is awful, the airport i've never seen the require port like that. my husband is hopefully on a flight , a different one. i don't know. he didn't make the one i got on. it's awful. it was like a ghost town almost. linkedin road, which is just filled with restaurants empty, people closing down, taking down signs putting down sandbags. yes. you you know, you felt the sense of urgency to get out and your heart went out to the people of miami. >> have you lived in miami for long. >> yes. since i was eleven years old s. when you see the size of that tomorrow on the radar. >> it's scary. material things can be replaced. i'm home. i'll be with my family and hope the storm
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>> traffic bumper to bumper heading on the highways. the governor there did lift all the tolls. many folks just want to get out of dodge. we've l also been looking at this, the departures there are three flights that were scheduled for tomorrow morning to head to miami, two of them still here and athat they're on time. i'll be surprised if these flights take off because there aren't people wanting to head toward that area. all the flights scheduled this evening are certainly delayed at this point. the five living former president s are joining together to ask people worldwide to support the recovery efforts for hurricane harvey. former presidents jimmy carter, jernlg hw bush, billion clinton, george w bush and barack obama issued the one america. it's
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psa called our friends in texas the first one aired, tonight. the second addressing harvey and hurricane irma will air this weekend. >> president trump reacted to the p psa \he\e tweeted quote i am proud to stand with president s for one america appeal. developing tonight, a major data breach that could affect you. equifax, the credit reporting agency that reports the personal information of 143 million americans could now be at risk. if you are affected you will get a letter in the male. fox5's marina maracco breaks down what this means for consumers. >>reporter: p you got one of these or you've ever asked for a credit line you want to pay close attention, 143 milieu s consumers have had their personal information hacked in one of the largest cyber attacks yet. credit bureau equifax hack ed and the personal information of 143 million americans breached, information that
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security numbers, birth dates and addresses and even some driver's license numbers and thousands of personal credit card information also accessed. this is clearly a disis pointing event and one that strikes at the hard of who we are and what we do. i deeply regret this incident. i apologize to every effected consumer. experts say the al.jimmy carter from one of the three credit bureaus came a little too late. the breach reportedly happened sometime between mid may through the end ofual and was only made public thursday. this breach is actually scarier than just a merchant, you know, being hacked . this is a company that is supposed to protect really sensitive information that determines whether or not we get access to credit, whether or not we can be employed in many cases . the question now is what can you you do to check and see if you were expected by the massive cyber attack. there's really nothing that the consumer could have done to prevent the
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actual hack of their information , right. >> not in this case. it was the responsibility of equifax who, by the way, is one of the three, you know, top credit bureaus in the country. they should have systems in place to protect this information since they're really the gatekeepers for people's financial lives. equifax is offering us consumers a package that includes identity theft protection and credit file monitoring at no cost. con eum ers say equifax should offer freezes at all three credit bureaus. it would prevent lenders from accessing your credit approval without your approval. the breach could be one of the biggest in the united states. equifax says law enforcement is investigating the hack. if you want to enroll in the identity theft packager offered for free by equifax. you you can learn more about that on our website marina maracco, fox5 local news it's been
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has heard from a pregnant maryland school teacher. laura whallen's family last heard from a text on monday and police describe that message as troubling. whalen did not show up to her first day of school at wild lake school on tuesday. police at this point haven't ruled anything out. the lack of contact, the no communication since monies completely out of f family and police concern. laura whallen's car is also missing. it is a black 2011 ford escape. it has the maryland tags 522473. >> today a judge in prince george's county ruled an accused murder is competent to stand trial. and tone onwilliams is accused of killing his six year old sister in a dire a whether it ers and his two young cousins in clit online court, mment he was supposed to be babysitting while his mother was at work. today a judge testified during a
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interviewed williams and found him to be exesm the judge agreed . the state's attorney angela as you brook has talked about how the case impacted her personal limit i will never forget the three little girls in this case and how it must affect their families. i can cannot imagine the father who was here today who has driven back and forth from new jersey. the mother of two young girls who expected them to go back to cool this week. williams faces first and second degree murder charges >> coming up next, a major d. in one of the areas most infamous cold cases. plus we are live in florida where mass evacuations are underway. fuel is in short supply as hurricane irma continues to march closer. coming up on the final five tonight donald trump jr. is on the hot seat today. jim lokay breaks down the lowe'sed door meeting on capital
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national beer lovers day. the owner of tin can brewing company are here to talk about all the different types of beer there are out there. we'll be back after this.
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>> the man accused much killingg disappeared more than 40 years ago has reportedly agreed to plead guilty in the case. lloyd welsh was scheduled to stand trial in the killings of sheila and catherine lion next tuesday, but online court records now show the trial has been withdrawn a motion hearing is scheduled instead. the girls vanished from what was then wheaton plaza back in march of 1975. their bodies have never been found. police are tack the vanned als who targeted georgetown's campus with hateful messages twice this week. a student spotted a swastika carv ed in a storm dorm. university official have con disemed those hateful attacks. as hurricane irma tears through carribean, florida is bracing for disaster. mass evacuations are underway, some drivers are even having a hard tim
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gas. fox's joel waldman is live in miami beach. what is it like there tonight? >>reporter: shawn, good evening to you, the normally bright lights of ocean drive, a little bit dimmer tonight. people are taking this hurricane warning extremely seriously. they're hayed heeding the advice of the governor, taking off, leaving town and that is exactly what authorities want. we're telling everybody leave miami beevment i never thought i'd ever say that, but i'm saying it this days. deadly, extremely dangerous and nuclear. that's how hurricane irma is being described haisk already blasted several islands taking lives in the the carribean. this is serious and we can't take chances. it is live threatening. now, the most powerful atlantic hurricane on record appears headed for florida and that's been trigger ing evacuation orders statewide. the amount of wind that's been coming in we don't think we've
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like this, 175, 150 miles per hour. at this point more than a half million people have been ordered to leave south florida, everybody in south florida should be preparing for the landfall of a epo tensionally catastrophic major hurricane in the area on sunday with a category four to five winds and potentially live threatening storm surge, but people trying to leave have been having trouble finding flights. a one- way ticket for now. that's all you can find. people look ing to flee in their cars have been running into traffic jambs and gas stations have been running dry. they're working around the clock to get fuel to you. and just a few minutes ago all of our cellphones began buzz ing and ringing and buzzing and ringing. it turn out the hurricane watches present the keys up through pi have now turned into hurricane warnings hard coming through on our cellphones basically telling us that we need to get out of
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the miami daid county area have already reportedly evacuated. >> it looks really quiet there tonight. does it appear from what you can see, your vantage point, i know that area is typically businesses, have most businesses closed down and most people evacuated. >> absolutely. this is one of the busiest stretches in america that we're standing on on any given night. there's tables out on the sidewalks with umbrellas, people drinking, people eating, people laughing. really none of that. there was one restaurant that was open. people, they remember hurricane andrew, a cat five back in 1992. i have friends from college and things of that nature who live down here. they were basically scar ed by that. and with irma looking more and more ominous through the certain tip of miami people are taking no chances. >> that's a good thing. the
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ply now because that moved just across the southern tip t of florida and really only affected one county in a disastrous way. this is going to through the middle of blah. it may affect all counties in the peninsula of florida. even if irma is a cat four and not five, that is still catastrophic damage. shawn, tony we'll be watching. you can even tell by joel's demeanor they know what is coming and they have taken it seriously. joel is right, hurricane watches have been replaced by warnings. that means it's coming. at this point even a big shift in the track you'd still have affects down there, but the track continued to bring in ashore in south florida late saturday night and early sunday. the headlines, where it is now, it is moving through the turks and caicos. i'm sure they're going to have tremendous damage as well as the bahamas. we
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shift today at five, coming into south florida and the keys late saturday and sunday, flooding rains of seven to 12 inches or more into understood s, a predicted storm surge and we'll be watching this closely for southeast florida of five to ten feet, huge waves and again a long pros as it tries to move up the pence enlarge audience. here's the very latest. winds sustained at 165 miles an hour. still a five, forecasts to maintain its intensity through friday night and a then as it's coming into the florida straights and just into the keys it may be a category four storm as it moves ashore and crosses the entire spine of the peninsula, again this would be a the look of damage for almost the entire state and then weaken s to a tropical storm as it gets into georgia on monday. meanwhile the spaghetti models you you can see also continuing that trend and that's just a potentially catastrophic situation for them down there as you hear everybody saying. here it is on the
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tonight and the eye still strong , the hurricane hunters still flying into it. at last pass they did find winds sustained at 106 per hour. a little bit of that wind interaction may go down. i also wanted to mention hurricane jose is still a category three. it's going to brush the northern lee ward islands that got hit and hammered and almost destroyed completely by irma and then it makes the turn. so i don't think the islands beyond the lesser antilles will have to deal with it. for us it's a fantastic friday that we're expecting and guess what, a fantastic weekend as well. grait weather for the redskins game. more clouds possible tuesday, wednesday, maybe some showers depending on where the remnants track. right now it looks like it's going into kentucky and tennessee so that wouldn't have a big effect on us and thursday, 80-degrees. news at one s is coming right back with a
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>> hey, everybody here's a reason to pour yourself a pint if you want a pint, today is national beer lovers. to show us a few are aaron ludwig and in gainesville, virginia. hi, gentlemen, thanks for coming n. thanks for having us. tell us all about tin can and brewing. >> it is located in gains vicialtion virginia, not the too far from here. john and i found ed the company because we were passionate home brewers and we nt whatted to bring this craft out and share it with the world. before we get into the different kind of beers that are for everyone, tell us about the whole craft brewing scene. it's certainly grown in the last few years. >> certainly in virginia, but almost every state they're find ing out that this is very profitable and it's good for the area. it's good for agricultural and for hospitals and bar limit so it's kind of good for all of that and it's a fund r fun craft thing that people are
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>> what's the difference between that and a bud light? i have no clue. >> taste. >> a lot of times they'll add corn and rice to lighten the beer. >> to gentlemen nair size the flavor. >> let's talk about the flavors. >> we brought three beers with us. the first one is our virginia blonde ale. it's a light beer. this is what i'm drinking right here. it's a crisp. it's in the a lot of hop s. not a dark beer. >> ease a good entry level craft beer. come on in here sue palka >> sue will have a sip. i'm a h oppy girl. people who aren't real big beer drinkers? a. that it's our best selling beer. they don't want a dark beer and they want something real simple to drink and that's what it is. i thi
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little l more than a bud. >> sue loves hops. >> do hopses growing around here >> we do local virginia malts. she's not going to drink it all. >> thank you. >> it's been a long week so far. >> irma is getting me down. you guys do something, you did it last year, you did this year, salute slatting those who wear the blue uniforms rnlgt we're doing a fundraiser. last year we did one and raised $18,000 in one day for the fallen officer n , ashley gind win. what do folks need to come down and visit you you you guys. >> it's going to be in our tap room in veins gainesville. we got to go. yl is neck jim lokay is next. come on
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he's our pediatrician, dr. ralph northam. in, jim. born and raised in rural virginia went to vmi. trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice. as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away.
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